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Patricia "Trish" Winterman is a woman who contacted the authorities after she was allegedly raped at her best friend, Cath Atwood's 50th birthday party. She lives with her daughter Leah, who is away in London when the assault takes place. After being questioned by Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller, Trish returns to her home, and Ellie gives her her phone number. She is later assigned Beth Latimer as her support advocate.

She is separated from her husband, Ian Atwood, who disapproves of her smoking and sexual encounters following their separation. However, Ian had a girlfriend, Sarah Elsey, during their marriage and is what sparked their separation in the first place.

Trish works with Cath at Ed Burnett's farm store. Ed is very concerned for her and sends Cath with several gifts of food and treats from the store.

On the morning of her assault, Trish and Jim Atwood had a spur of the moment fling. This drives a wedge into the three's relationships, especially as suspicion falls on Jim.

Trish wonders frequently what it was that she did to deserve her assault, who it was, why they picked her, and why they would do such a thing. She blames herself. Beth and Leah support Trish and continually reassure Trish that the rape was not her fault. The police's repeated question of whether Trish could have known her attacker makes Trish anxious and skittish around mostly everyone.

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