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Susan Wright, also known as Elaine Jones, was a shifty character with a hidden past. It was revealed that she was the real mother of Nigel Carter, who was adopted because of previous problems within Susan's family causing Susan to be seen as an unfit mother. She had remained oblivious to the fact that her oldest daughter was being sexually abused by her husband and later killed, and got blamed because of it during the resulting investigation. She moved to Broadchurch to escape her past and to find her long lost son.

She was one of the suspects in the Broadchurch murder case because of some of her shifty behaviour and because she owned the keys to the house on the cliff which was believed to be the scene of the murder of Danny Latimer (she cleaned the house), however it was revealed that she was a witness to the events and didn't want to get involved in the investigation after her prior experience with the law. She believed she saw Nigel dragging Danny's body onto the beach on the night of his death.

It was later revealed that it was actually Joe Miller that she saw, a man of a similar build to Nigel and equally bald. However, she didn't learn about this, as she left Broadchurch the day before the end of the investigation after Nigel threatened to kill her dog, Vince, if she didn't.

She left Broadchurch just before the investigation was concluded, but returned during the trial to stand witness and accuse her son of the murder of Danny in front of the court. Susan, a chain smoker, discovered during her absence from Broadchurch that she had lung cancer and only 9 months left to live, which is what prompted her to return and set things right as she saw them.


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