Steve Connelly
Series 1
Appeared in 7 episodes
Status Alive
Occupation Telephone engineer, Wessex Communications Systems
Location Lewiston
Actor Will Mellor

Steve Connelly was a telephone engineer who worked in Broadchurch, most notably at the police station around the time of the death of Danny Latimer. He claimed to be a psychic who could receive messages from the dead, and tried to bring the police and the Latimer family information about how Danny died. However, DI Alec Hardy thought Steve was making things up, or was delusional, after Steve comes in to reveal what his "spirit guide" told him. Despite this, he makes Hardy pause when he reveals that one of his messages, meant for Hardy, is about a pendant, something which is connected to the Sandbrook case Hardy was working on that was hushed up. He then goes to confront Beth Latimer, telling her he has had contact with Danny. After Hardy finds out about this, he comes after Steve and threatens to lock him up if he ever goes near the Latimer family again, while DS Ellie Miller reveals to Beth that Steve was a crook who sold his story, and that all his books were in the local book shop. Later, when Hardy is running out of time on the case, he comes back to consult Steve, who reveals that his spirit guide had told him that Danny was killed by somebody close to him, and that he knows that Hardy had been to Broadchurch before.

It is never revealed if Steve is actually psychic or is getting this information from elsewhere.

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