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Sharon Bishop Q.C acted as leading council for the accused, Joe Miller, in the Broadchurch murder trial. Her junior, Abby Thompson, suggested the case to her following a recent lack of cases due to their clerk leaving. Sharon originally didn't want to take up the case, thinking that Broadchurch was too unlikely to be noticed to put the effort in, but this mindset changed after Abby pointed out some inconsistencies in the evidence provided by the police.

Unknown to her, the prosecution had tried and failed to get Jocelyn Knight Q.C ,Sharon's former mentor, to lead their case. It was the fact that Sharon was defending that made Jocelyn decide to prosecute the case on behalf of the Latimer family.

Sharon's main advice to her client, Joe, was that he needed to "shut up"; he had talked too much and revealed too much information already. She questioned him about his confession, and thus discovered the circumstances surrounding it, namely that his wife, DS Ellie Miller, had attacked him shortly after he confessed, leading Sharon to claim that Joe confessed to the crime due to police brutality. This lead to the confession being thrown out, and hence made the prosecution's case much harder as the confession was their strongest piece of evidence.

She visited her son, Jonah, who's doing a six year sentence. Sharon informed him that she would be back but she had to go to court. At the courtroom she digs down in Ellie's history within the case. She makes accusations that Miller and Hardy had a relationship together.

Her son, Jonah was attacked by other men in the prison and she promised that she would get to the bottom of it.

Sharon and her junior, Abby won the Miller and Latimer case beating her old boss, Jocelyn. Even though she doesn't like Jocelyn she did reconsider her offer of helping out her son.

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