Ricky Gillespie
Series Series 2
Appeared in 4 episodes
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Location Sandbrook

Cate Gillespie Pippa Gillespie Lisa Newbury

Actor Shaun Dooley

Ricky Gillespie is the father and uncle of the two victims in the Sandbrook murder case. At the time of the murders he was living with his wife Cate Gillespie and only daughter Pippa. The Gillespie's own the adjoined house where lead suspect Lee Ashworth and his partner Claire Ripley live.

He wasn't seen in Series 1 however his Wife had met with Beth Latimer to discuss how losing a child affected their lives. In Series 2, it is eventually revealed that he was involved in the deaths of his daughter and niece - Ricky was infatuated with Lisa and smashed her head against the floor in a jealous rage after catching her having sex with Lee, killing her. He told his daughter that Lee was the one who hurt her cousin, giving a flask of alcohol to Claire to give to Pippa to make her sleep, and helped dispose of Lisa's body.

However, his daughter was then killed by Lee, under the instructions of Claire - Claire claimed it was accidental, due to the combination of alcohol and whatever else Ricky had in the flask. Ricky believed her; Claire allowed him to see where she'd put Pippa's body, so he could say goodbye. Ricky is presumably incarcerated after confessing to the police.