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Reverend Paul Coates was the local vicar for Broadchurch. DI Alec Hardy was very suspicious of him, as he became very close to the Latimer family following the death of Danny Latimer, as well as because the amount of people going to church following the death sky-rocketed, leading Hardy to believe Paul had murdered Danny to make people go to church more. Paul was a recovering alcoholic and went to AA meetings in one of the neighbouring towns. He was also an insomniac, and often went on long walks at night because of it. It was during one of these night time strolls that he came across Tom Miller destroying his laptop. Paul had no alibi for the night of Danny's death. However, he was proved innocent when Danny's killer was revealed to be Joe Miller.

He came to be quite close to Becca Fisher as events progressed, eventually having a full relationship between them confirmed by a kiss observed outside the courtroom.

While Joe was in prison, Paul went to see him secretly to pray with him and to give him spiritual guidance, as well as to be a friendly face. Paul was quite shocked when Joe pleaded "not guilty", telling Joe to think about the further impact he would have on the town, and especially the Latimer family's, lives. Joe countered by talking about how much he wanted to see his son again and to make sure his own family was safe.

After the birth of Elizabeth Latimer he goes and visits the family. He starts to give the baby a blessing but is interrupted by Mark Latimer, in which he informed him he doesn't want any religion in his household. Paul doesn't agree with it, which he stated to him.

When Joe was set free, he came to the church and asked for help. Paul asked for Becca to come to the church and he told her what he wanted to do. Soon, Nigel and Mark both arrived at the church and dragged Joe out. After Joe was told that he was banished from Broadchuch, Paul told him that he would end up at Sheffield and he would go to a halfway house.


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