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Oliver "Olly" Stevens was a journalist for the Broadchurch Echo, although he was trying to hit it big in the journalism business and applied for jobs at some of the big newspapers such as the Daily Herald. After weaselling the identity of the victim of the Broadchurch murder out of his aunt, DS Ellie Miller, he then went on to become one of the major players in the reporting of events surrounding the investigation of the death of Danny Latimer, along with fellow reporter Karen White and his boss, Maggie Radcliffe. His mother is Lucy Stevens, and his father left years previously and never came back.

During Joe Miller's trial period he blogged about the events of what was happening inside the courtroom with an enthusiasm which some, including his mother, thought was inappropriate, considering his uncle was the one on trial for murder. During this, Olly became the guardian of his cousin Tom, who had fallen out with Ellie.

In Series 3, Maggie Radcliffe confirms that Olly has left Broadchurch to work for a tabloid newspaper, meaning that the character has departed the show. 


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