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Nigel "Nige" Carter was a co-worker and friend to Mark Latimer. He was the son of Susan Wright, although adopted out at an early age because of previous problems within the Wright family.

He was also one of the main suspects in the case of the Broadchurch murder, his alibi only lasting until about 11pm the night before Danny Latimer was killed. Susan accused him of the murder, claiming to have seen him drag Danny's body onto the beach from a boat that night. His guilt had seemed to be disproved by Joe Miller's confession, especially as Joe had a similar build to Nige, explaining Susan's sighting. However, his innocence was put into question again during the trial when Susan accuses him of the murder in the court.

A little while earlier, Susan had tried to make amends with her son due to them being family and her being terminally ill, but he denied her, as it was her who placed him under suspicion in the first place.


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