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When the series opens, Mark Latimer is the father of murder-victim Danny Latimer, Chloe Latimer and was married to Beth Latimer. He is a local plumber and has his own firm, Mark Latimer Plumbing. He is good friends with colleague Nige Carter. He told the police he was on an emergency call-out the night of Danny's murder but was in fact having sex with Becca Fisher on the night of Danny's death. Mark was among the first to be suspected of Danny's murder, because Mark was evasive about his whereabouts, even convincing Nige Carter to concoct an alibi for him. Mark in turn suspected Danny's murderer was local shopkeeper and Danny's boss Jack Marshall. Mark's mother lives in Wales.

Mark hit Danny only once, splitting Danny's lip. Unfortunately, that sent Danny to the Millers' house seeking First Aid and comfort. Danny found both in 40-year old Joe Miller. Unbeknownst to Mark, Joe and Danny begin to meet, Joe buying Danny a phone and giving him £500. When Danny threatened to tell his dad Mark about their meetings and cuddles, Joe strangled Danny.

After the trial, Beth kicked Mark out of the family home.

We learn in episode 3-6 that Mark believed he could have saved Danny had he just gone into the clifftop cabin when he picked up his car after the liaison with Becca. Joe finally told him it was too late at that point. Joe refuses to turn himself in and Mark realizes he's not capable of murdering Joe to get justice. Mark's gone into a tailspin of depression.


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