Lucy Stevens
Lucy Stevens
Series 1, 2
Appeared in 12 episodes
Status Alive
Location Broadchurch, UK
Family Ellie Miller (sister)
Joe Miller (brother-in-law)
Olly Stevens (son)
Tom Miller (nephew)
Fred Miller (nephew)
Actor Tanya Franks

Lucy Stevens was the sister of Ellie Miller and the mother of Olly Stevens. She had to keep borrowing money from her sister, and bribed Ellie into giving her £1000 by withholding information relating to the Broadchurch murder of Danny Latimer until she got it. She had apparently seen a man putting clothes into a bin the night of Danny Latimer's death. When put on trial she changes her story and says that she saw Joe Miller leading to the jury thinking the police investigation was inconclusive.She was heavily in debt, and as a result got many of her household items repossessed, much to the dismay of Olly.

She started to work at the Broadchurch Echo, helping Maggie Radcliffe with organisation of the office.

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