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Leah Winterman is the teenage daughter of Ian and Trish Winterman. She attends school and is just coming back from holiday in London when she discovers her mother was sexually assaulted.

She is portrayed by Hannah Millward and first appears in the second episode of series 3.

Though her parents are still married, they live separately. Leah lives at their house with her mother and does not appear to visit Ian at his girlfriend's flat. She still regularly talks with her father over the phone. After her mother's assault, Leah is frequently seen fretting over Trish and attempting to take care of her.

Leah confronts her father about stealing Trish's computer after awkwardly asking for it late at night and being turned down. She demands that he return the computer or the theft will be reported to the police.

To show her mother support and love during her recovery, Leah organizes a rally of the women in town.