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Jocelyn Knight Q.C was leading counsel for the prosecution on the Joe Miller case. She hadn't worked a trial for three years prior to accepting the Latimer's case. Mark Latimer and Beth Latimer came to her for help, asking for her to prosecute the case so as to maximise the chance of the trial working in their favour, but she declined and stated that she didn't want any involvement in the case. Her mind was changed, however, once she realised her former student, Sharon Bishop Q.C was leading counsel for the defense . She met with Sharon and it was clear; it was war between the two women.

Once she had officially agreed to prosecute the case, she met with Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy, the detectives who arrested Joe. She makes it clear to them that Joe's confession, on which the prosecution heavily depended, might be thrown out due to the violent attack Ellie made on her husband upon discovering his guilt, just after the confession. She explains that the defence could argue that police brutality was used to extract the confession, making it invalid. The defence argued just that, making the prosecution's case much harder.

Jocelyn seemed to have some problems with her eyesight, preferring audiobooks over paper versions, asking for Maggie Radcliffe to read to her, getting her assistant, Ben Haywood, to create audiofiles of witness statements and other pieces of evidence, and crashing her car after being bothered by the glare of headlights. She claimed that she wasn't hurt in the accident, but collapsed on the staircase soon after returning home.

Jocelyn also had an elderly mother who lived in a nursing home. Jocelyn visited when she could, but the nursing home bills were getting too expensive and the care facility suggested that her mother might have to move out if Jocelyn couldn't keep paying them. She was later informed that her mother had died after suffering a fall, devastating her, though she was able to keep it from affecting her during the trial.

Maggie cooked for Jocelyn and Ben at Jocelyn's house and made her tell Ben the truth. In which she did, she confirmed that she is going blind and it's gotten worse as the years have gone on. The reason she needs Ben to read work to her and for him doing her work. This was also the reason why she stopped taking cases before the Latimer's asked her.

Jocelyn is in love with Maggie. Maggie is evidently attracted to Jocelyn, as the two kiss after Jocelyn declares her love for her. Jocelyn lost the Latimer case and she requested to Sharon that she wanted to work with her on her son's case. At first she declines but she reconsiders Jocelyn's request.

It is mentioned in the third season by Maggie that Jocelyn is working a case in London, and is implied to still be with and even living with Maggie.


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