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Jack Gerald Marshall was born in 1943. He was the local shopkeeper in Broadchurch, and also ran the Sea Brigade.

He is later believed to be a paedophile because of a previous relationship with a minor in 1982 (she was 15 years and 11 months old when they were caught) who he had sex with, and was then convicted for sexual intercourse with a minor and went to gaol for a year, after which he married the girl. They had a son; but he was tragically killed in a car accident when he was six years old, eventually leading to Jack and his wife divorcing. He moved to Broadchurch in 1998.

When the press found out about his offence, he was taken in for questioning about Danny Latimer's murder, as Jack was Danny's boss for his paper rounds, and in possession of his mobile phone. Nigel Carter later leads a mob to Jack's house, accusing him of murdering Danny and threatening violence. Fortunately, Mark Latimer arrives on the scene and asks Jack about it, where Jack proclaims his innocence and explains why he was arrested before. Mark realizes Jack did not kill his son and sympathizes with him, due to the loss of his own child, and convinces the mob to leave. Sadly, Jack is driven over the edge due to the fact people believe him to be a paedophile and the press digging up his past, breaking down in the street after seeing a newspaper that has printed a story about him and his 'child bride' on the front page. He later commits suicide by jumping from the edge of the cliff that Danny was found below.


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