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Episode 3.8
Air date 17 April 2017
Written by Chris Chibnall
Directed by Paul Andrew Williams
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Episode 3.7 TBA

Episode 3.8 was the eighth and final episode of Series 3 of Broadchurch.


Clive Lucas is arrested after his DNA is found on the sock. His wife shows the police his collection of items, including Trish's keys. He recognises the sock as the type he wore to play football but denies raping Trish. Ed is questioned over the bloody twine, which was not found during an earlier search of the property. He confesses that he heard Trish being raped that night at the party when he was in the woods, but thought it was only two drunken people having sex, and is consumed by guilt. CCTV shows Leo Humphries dumping the bag of twine. Clive is forced by Hardy and Miller to reveal that he drove his step-son Michael and Leo home after the party. Michael and Lucas are arrested, and a flashback shows Clive slapping Michael at a football match. Leo befriends Michael and starts drinking with him and provides him with porn. After Michael admits he is a virgin, Leo arranges for his girlfriend to have sex with him. They later go to the party at Axehampton House, where Leo hits Trish over the head in the woods and forces Michael to rape her. Back in the present, Michael tearfully confesses into being forced to rape Trish. Clive begs Hardy and Miller to charge him instead in order to save his son, but they refuse. Police uncover videos of the attack on Trish and of Leo raping Laura Benson and two other unknown women. Leo arrogantly and unrepentantly confesses to the rapes, saying he didn't think it was a big deal as all the women had already had sex. Beth and Mark Latimer speak about their problems but are unable to reconcile, though it is later hinted that they will probably do so. An emotional Miller is consoled by Hardy, who promises her that Leo is an aberration and does not represent all men. The two later reflect back to the case and get ready to see each other at work the next day.


  • Sarah Parish as Cath Atwood
  • Mark Bazeley as Jim Atwood
  • Lenny Henry as Ed Burnett
  • Charlotte Lucas as Sarah Elsey
  • Georgina Campbell as Katie Harford
  • Sebastian Armesto as Clive Lucas
  • Becky Brunning as Lindsay Lucas
  • Deon Lee-Williams as Michael Lucas
  • Roy Hudd as David Barrett
  • Richard Hope as Arthur Tamworth
  • Charles Babalola as Chaz
  • William Andrews as Ben Haywood
  • Alex Hopkinson as Alex
  • Chris Mason as Leo Humphries


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