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Episode 3.7
Air date 10 April 2017
Written by Chris Chibnall
Directed by Paul Andrew Williams
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Episode 3.7 was the seventh episode of Series 3 of Broadchurch.


Mark is rescued by a fisherman and hospitalised with hypothermia. With the clock running out, Hardy and Miller try to make a case against Ed, but are forced to let him go. They discover the second victim, Laura Benson, used Atwood's breakdown service before her rape. Jim Atwood's wife, Cath, is shocked to find a box of condoms with a receipt dating the purchase to the day of her party, and takes them to the police after Trish confirms her attacker wore a condom. Jim tells them he bought them to use with a young waitress, who confirms she had sex with him in the woods outside the party, but forced him to stop when he became rough. Ian confesses to installing spyware on Trish's computer to spy on her via her webcam, then admits it was young Leo Humphries (Chris Mason) who installed it for him. Ed finds a bag with blue twine in it, with blood stains, outside his shop. Lindsay Lucas (Becky Brunning) finds her husband's stash of items he has stolen, including Trish's keys. The police find a sock with Trish's DNA and believe it was used to gag her. A man's DNA is found on it as well.


  • Sarah Parish as Cath Atwood
  • Mark Bazeley as Jim Atwood
  • Lenny Henry as Ed Burnett
  • Charlotte Lucas as Sarah Elsey
  • Georgina Campbell as Katie Harford
  • Sebastian Armesto as Clive Lucas
  • Becky Brunning as Lindsay Lucas
  • Deon Lee-Williams as Michael Lucas
  • Roy Hudd as David Barrett
  • Richard Hope as Arthur Tamworth
  • Charles Babalola as Chaz
  • William Andrews as Ben Haywood
  • Alex Hopkinson as Alex
  • Chris Mason as Leo Humphries


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