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Episode 3.6
Air date 3 April 2017
Written by Chris Chibnall
Directed by Lewis Arnold
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Episode 3.6 was the sixth episode of Series 3 of Broadchurch.


The episode begins with Mark waking up from a dream in which Danny was a teenager who was up too late playing video games. Mark joins his son and they talk about why he's up late and how he has so much potential, Mark wakes with tears in his eyes, for the son he never got to see grow up. Trish calls Beth in the middle of the night, and asks her if she will always feel "like she's sinking". Beth tells her that "some days are harder than others".

Miller and Hardy are seen discussing the case and how many men they have as being at the party that night and how many they have now ruled out. They discuss their top suspects: Ian Winterman, Jim Atwood, Lucas Clive and Leo Humphries. They then receive a text from Bob saying that Jim Atwood has been beaten up. They go to pay Jim a visit and question him about the assault. He states that Ed Burnett beat him up and claims to have no idea what it is about.They go to Ed Burnett and arrest him for assault. He is then questioned by Hardy and Miller. This happens after Miller finds incriminating evidence that could potentially link him to the attack on Trish Winterman.

Katie, is Ed's daughter, however she never told either Hardy or Miller about this before the investigation and it could compromise the investigation itself. Hardy tells her to leave immediately. Miller and Hardy discuss it with the Chief Super.

Mark confronts Joe Miller, his son's killer and asks him to explain what happened that night, otherwise he will never have closure.

Maggie has a cameo, she appears at the police station during the statement given to the public as to the progress made during the investigation.

At the end of the episode, Mark ventures out into the ocean on a boat, intending to commit suicide by drowning.

Quotes are directly from Broadchurch Season 3, Episode 6.


  • Sarah Parish as Cath Atwood
  • Mark Bazeley as Jim Atwood
  • Lenny Henry as Ed Burnett
  • Charlotte Lucas as Sarah Elsey
  • Georgina Campbell as Katie Harford
  • Sebastian Armesto as Clive Lucas
  • Becky Brunning as Lindsay Lucas
  • Deon Lee-Williams as Michael Lucas
  • Roy Hudd as David Barrett
  • Richard Hope as Arthur Tamworth
  • Charles Babalola as Chaz
  • William Andrews as Ben Haywood
  • Alex Hopkinson as Alex
  • Chris Mason as Leo Humphries


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