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Episode 3.5
Air date 27 March 2017
Written by Chris Chibnall
Directed by Daniel Nettheim
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Episode 3.5 was the fifth episode of Series 3 of Broadchurch.


Laura Benson (Kelly Gough), the second victim, shares details of her rape that match Trish's account, including being gagged, tied up and the smell of alcohol. She said she never reported it because she was drunk and thought she wouldn't be believed. Mayford, who worked with the employers of both victims, is arrested for Trish's assault. Hardy and Miller are told of a third victim who refused to report it to the police. The timeline, however, rules out Mayford, who was still in prison during the attack. Ian, who needs a place to live after breaking up with Sarah, asks shop owner Ed Burnett (Lenny Henry) if he can rent his caravan. Ed indignantly refuses and says Ian deserves his suffering for losing Trish. Cath, hurt after her good friend Trish confesses to sleeping with her husband, tells Jim not to come back to the marital home, and tells Ed, her boss, about Trish and Jim's conduct. Taxi driver Clive Lucas picks up Jim Atwood after his van breaks down, and he tells Jim he saw him with Trish outside the night of the party having an intense conversation. Jim forces him to pull over, chokes him and threatens him to keep quiet. Ed shows up at Jim's workshop and attacks him for cheating on Cath. Late at night, Ian sneaks into Trish's house. At the end of the episode, Mark attempts to commit suicide.


  • Sarah Parish as Cath Atwood
  • Mark Bazeley as Jim Atwood
  • Lenny Henry as Ed Burnett
  • Charlotte Lucas as Sarah Elsey
  • Georgina Campbell as Katie Harford
  • Sebastian Armesto as Clive Lucas
  • Becky Brunning as Lindsay Lucas
  • Deon Lee-Williams as Michael Lucas
  • Roy Hudd as David Barrett
  • Richard Hope as Arthur Tamworth
  • Charles Babalola as Chaz
  • William Andrews as Ben Haywood
  • Alex Hopkinson as Alex
  • Chris Mason as Leo Humphries


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