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Episode 2.2
Air date 12 January 2015
Written by Chris Chibnall
Directed by James Strong
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Episode 2.2 was the second episode of Series 2 of Broadchurch. It introduced a deeper insight of the current workings of Joe Miller's case, whilst we learn more about the tension between Claire and Lee


The episode opens with an impromptu meeting between Lee Ashworth and DI Alec Hardy, in which it is revealed that Lee knows about Hardy's health problems and is willing to use them as a drawcard against future investigation. DI Hardy and DS Ellie Miller work together to broker a meeting between Claire and Lee, whilst the trial of Joe Miller for the murder of Daniel Latimer begins amidst the concerns of DS Miller and DI Hardy about the soundness of the confession made in the police station. Their concerns are realised when Joe's defence attorney, Sharon Bishop, successfully challenges its admissibility and has it disregarded, shocking and saddening the Latimer family. DI Hardy brings Lee to DS Miller's house for the meeting, while DS Miller brings Claire. During the meeting, a furious Beth Latimer arrives and confronts DS Miller, giving Lee the distraction required to escape the house with Claire, leaving a desolate DI Hardy without a key witness for the Sandbrook murders.



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