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Dean Thomas was a farmhand on a property in Broadchurch and dated Chloe Latimer for the duration of Season 1.


Dean was a dark skinned seventeen year old boy. He had short hair and a leanly muscular built. His height matches most adult men in the series.


Dean first appeared, paranoid, that Chloe had told the police about the cocaine he had entrusted her with. He supported her after Danny's death - meeting her parents and converting a section of his family barn into a Happy Room. The revelation that he joined Danny and Nigel Carter on hunting trips in the countryside near his farm directed suspicion at Nigel for being the killer. Later, he joined her at the torch-burning ceremony when Danny's killer was captured.

The character never returned for Series 2 nor was he mentioned by Chloe. It is possible they broke up, but this is unconfirmed.


Dean has criminal tendencies. He dated and had sex with Chloe before she reached the age of consent. He also dealt cocaine and relied on Chloe to store it for him.

Dean was otherwise a kind and considerate person. His was a consistent presence in Chloe's life. The Happy Room he built was a space designed to help Chloe let go of the guilt and misery she felt after Danny died.

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  • Dean Thomas coincidentally shares his name with another fictional character appearing in the Harry Potter series.