Dean Thomas
Series 1
Appeared in 6 episodes
Status Alive
Age 17
Occupation Farm Hand
Location Broadchurch

Unnamed uncle

Actor Jacob Anderson

Dean Thomas was the boyfriend of Chloe Latimer, living in Broadchurch where he also worked as a farmhand. However, he was two years her senior, so Chloe's parents didn't approve of them going out. Dean knew where to get illegal cocaine, and found some for Chloe who was asked to get some by Becca Fisher for a client. He sometimes went out hunting with Danny Latimer and Nigel Carter, although he was unaware that Danny's parents didn't know about these hunting trips. He was very kind to Chloe, making her a "Happy Room" where she could escape to, following the death of her brother.

The character never returned for Series 2 nor was he mentioned by Chloe. It is possible they broke up, but this is not confirmed.

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Trivia Edit

  • Dean Thomas coincidentally shares his name with another fictional character appearing in the Harry Potter series.