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David Tennant
Also Known As David John McDonald
Date of Birth 18 April 1971
Place of Origin Scotland
Contributions to Broadchurch
Role in Broadchurch Alec Hardy
Episodes Episode 1.1 Episode 1.2 Episode 1.3 Episode 1.4 Episode 1.5 Episode 1.6 Episode 1.7 Episode 1.8 Episode 2.1 Episode 2.2 Episode 2.3 Episode 2.4 Episode 2.5 Episode 2.6 Episode 2.7 Episode 2.8

David Tennant is a Scottish actor who played DI Alec Hardy on Broadchurch. He is best known for his role as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. He also played Detective Emmet Carver in the American Broadchurch remake, Gracepoint.


  • When Alec Hardy uses his phone, such as when Claire Ripley calls him in Episode 2.1, it is David Tennant's actual phone which is used. [1]
  • After the conclusion of Series 2, it was confirmed that David and Olivia Colman would both return for the following series.
  • After the Series 2, it is confirmed that the revival that David Tennant, and the rest of the cast will be returning for the revival of Broadchurch starting with Series 3.
  • David and co-star Jodie Whittaker portrayed the numerous incarnations of the Doctor in Doctor Who.