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Daniel "Danny" Latimer (2002-2013) was murdered on 18th July 2013, kickstarting the events of the series. His death became the infamous Broadchurch Harbour Cliff Beach Murder. He was the son of Beth and Mark Latimer, and the brother of Chloe Latimer and Elizabeth Latimer.


Danny was an eleven year old boy, average height, with pale skin and long dark hair.


Danny was a proficient skateboarder and technology enthusiast with a paper round. Danny was best friends with Tom Miller before they had a falling out over Danny transferring his affection to Joe Miller. He often emailed Tom, complaining about his Dad hitting him.

Before his death, Danny met with Joe Miller in secret. They arranged the meetings via a phone Joe bought for him. Joe also gave him 500 pounds, among other gifts, to win his affection. They would sit in Joe's living room at night and cuddle while Ellie Miller slept upstairs.

The night of the murder, Danny snuck out on his skateboard. He cuddled with Joe Miller, then became uncomfortable and tried to leave. Joe manipulated him into believing the community would shun him if Danny opened up about their meetings, but Danny fled toward the cliffs. Joe caught him, and in a blind rage, strangled him to death.


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