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Daisy Hardy is the daughter of Alec Hardy and Tess Henchard. When her father was to blame for the failed Sandbrook case, it was to protect Daisy from the knowledge that her mother had had an affair. She was only 12 years old at the time of the Sandbrook case and her parents' divorce.

When Alec left to work in Broadchurch for the Daniel Latimer's case, Daisy was 15 years old.

Daisy lived with her mother in Sandbrook and went to a local high school. She doesn't speak to her father often before his temporary return to Sandbrook, but he still calls her and keeps a photo of her in his wallet. In the series 2 finale, the photo turned out to be of Pippa Gillespie, not Daisy.

Between series 2 and 3, Hardy tries unsuccessfully to reunite his family in Sandbrook. After Daisy gets in trouble and starts fighting with Tess, Hardy moves back to Broadchurch, bringing Daisy with him. He admits to her that he knows he's meant to live there.

During her time in Broadchurch, Daisy is living with her dad and she is new to the school after meeting a group of friends. But it was later revealed after meeting a new friend in Chloe Latimer, that Daisy has her privacy violated, when somebody takes her phone and distributes an intimate picture of her around the school’s population. She feels so humiliated that she wants to leave and go live with her mom again. Later on their way to the train station, Hardy threatens the group of boys responsible for posting his daughter's personal photos around school, and rips his daughter's train ticket apart, telling her she's staying here with him.

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