Daisy Hardy
Series 2, 3
Appeared in 9 episodes
Status Alive
Age 15
Occupation Student
Location Broadchurch
Family Tess Henchard - Mother

Alec Hardy - Father

Actor Hannah Rae

Daisy Hardy is the daughter of Alec Hardy and Tess Henchard. When her father took the blame for the botched Sandbrook case, it was to protect Daisy from the knowledge that her mother had an affair. She was only 12 at the time of the Sandbrook case and her parents divorce.

Daisy lived with her mother in Sandbrook and went to a local high school. She didn't speak to her father often prior to his temporary return to Sandbrook, but he still called her regularly and had a photo of her in his wallet*.

* In the series 2 finale the photo turned out to be of Pippa Gillespie, not Daisy.

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