Chloe Latimer
Chloe Latimer
Series 1, 2, 3
Appeared in 20 episodes
Status Alive
Age 15
Occupation High school student, help at The Tradesman Hotel
Location Broadchurch
Family Mark Latimer father

Beth Latimer mother
Daniel Latimer brother
Elizabeth Latimer sister
Liz Roper grandmother
unnamed grandmother

Actor Charlotte Beaumont

Chloe Latimer was the older sister of Danny Latimer and the daughter of Beth and Mark Latimer.At the night of Danny's murder she was home with her mother. She had a boyfriend, Dean Thomas, who she didn't introduce to her parents until her father caught them kissing, several weeks after Danny's death. During the weeks following Danny's death, Chloe didn't attend school, and then found it hard to readjust to normal life once she did return, as everyone there thought of her as just "the dead boy's sister".

In Series 2, Chloe gains a sister named Elizabeth.

In Series 3, Chloe befriends Alec Hardy's daughter, Daisy.


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