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The wife of Jim Atwood and best friend to Trish Winterman. She works at the farm shop belonging to Ed Burnett to make ends meet, a point of contention in her already rocky marriage with Jim. Her 50th birthday party is the event that starts the Winterman rape investigation. Cath is social with a large number of people around town and has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

She is portrayed by Sarah Parish and first appears in Series 3.

After finding out about their affair, Cath insults Trish repeatedly and claims they aren't friends. She packs up Jim's things and leaves them at the garage. Later, Cath finds condoms in her husband's car with a receipt that matches up with the time and date of Trish's assault. After confirming with Trish that her attacker used a condom, Cath brings the items into the police.


  • Trish Winterman: Trish's best friend at the beginning of the series 3. They have a serious falling out due to Trish's brief affair with Jim.
  • Jim Atwood: They were married for 30 years. She was aware of Jim's numerous infidelities, and once told Detective Miller that their marriage was 'loveless'. Cath kicks Jim out after being told about the affair he had with Trish, her best friend.
  • Ed Burnett: Her employer. She often seems annoyed by his conduct, especially regarding his high opinion of Trish.