Broadchurch Wiki
Broadchurch harbour
Type Town
Based on West Bay, Bridport
Location Dorset
Country United Kingdom
Population 12,977
For the TV series based in this town, see Broadchurch.

Broadchurch was a town in Dorset, England. It was where the death of the young Danny Latimer and the ensuing investigation took place. It was a small, close-knit town on the seaside with a hotel run by Becca Fisher, a newsagency/corner shop run by Jack Marshall, its own newspaper called the Broadchurch Echo run by Maggie Radcliffe, a plumbing company run by Mark Latimer and Nigel Carter, a church run by Paul Coates, and the police department who looked into the case of Danny's death. The town was deeply affected by the murder and the resulting investigation, although the people all came together at the end of the series for Danny's wake.

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