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Becca Fisher was the Australian owner of the local Trader's Hotel. Originally from Melbourne, she had moved to Broadchurch with her partner at the time, but the relationship ended and Becca stayed in town.

Becca ran into some trouble after trying to source some cocaine for some wealthy guests through Chloe Latimer, who took so long to get it that Becca gave it back to her as the guests had left. SOCO Brian Young found the cocaine in Chloe's room while conducting a forensic investigation following her brother's death, which lead to Chloe to point the drug trail back at Becca. Becca managed to get off comparatively though, as the incident was unrelated to the investigation the detectives were needing to invest their time in.

Becca had an affair with Mark Latimer, he was with her on what turned out to be the night of his son, Danny Latimer's, death. It was Becca who finally provided the real alibi for Mark on the night of Danny's death, allowing him to be released from police custody. They broke off the relationship as soon as they realised the tragedy of the timing, but left with a parting kiss which was spied by Mark's wife, Beth Latimer. This destroyed her friendship with the Latimer family completely.

After ending things with Mark Latimer, she began dating the Rev. Paul Coates. The relationship ended up being more complicated then she anticipated. Paul got her involved with Joe, when he was visiting Joe at prison and when Joe was dragged out of the church.

She attended the court on a few occasions, mainly when Mark was in the box and she wanted to hear everything he had to say.


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