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Abby Thompson was the barrister who acted for Joe Miller at the plea hearing. When he changed his plea she was annoyed because she had been played by him. Then, she goes and talks to her boss, Sharon Bishop Q.C and tries to convince her to representing him in court.

She soon agrees and it would be a head to head between Sharon's old mentor, Jocelyn Knight Q.C. Sharon and Abby stay at Becca Fisher's hotel in Broadchurch during the trial. Before Joe goes into court, she assisted Joe while he was getting his tie on. In the court room, while Sharon was asking Beth Latimer and Alec Hardy questions about the case, she was taking notes.

Sharon doesn't seem to take Abby's ideas into account, even though she works hard at her job. Abby slept with Broadchurch Echo reporter,Oliver Stevens. This turned out to be a major advantage for her. She found out information related to the money that Ellie Miller had leant to her sister, Lucy Stevens in Series 1 and used this information with the case.

When the case was coming to an end, she had a conversation with opposing junior, Ben Haywood. At first they seemed to get on fairly well but Ben didn't seem to like her and said it to her face.


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