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• 5/26/2013

Template:Real world

I have recently created a template to put on real world articles, such as those of cast, crew, filming locations, etc. You can see an example of it here. My question to you is: should episode/series pages get this tag on them. On one hand, they are written from a real world perspective, making them real world articles. On the other hand, they are about something in-universe, which could make them technically in-universe articles. What are your thoughts on the matter?

PS: a small note on the template: it is to be put directly under the infobox by typing {{Real world}}. No spaces or line breaks between it and the infobox. Also, the design was inspired by the one at the Tardis Data Core, just to cite my sources. They put theirs on episode/series pages, if that helps the decision above.

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• 7/22/2013
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